INNER HEALING ARTS with Charyl Ozkaya

A Place for Inner Discovery and Transformation 

CHARYL OZKAYA welcomes you! What would you like to shift and transform? Feeling stuck, stressed, in pain? How can I help you to move forward to feel balanced, peaceful and, yes, even joyful! 

I always feel such gratitude sharing these beautiful healing modalities and classes with my wonderful clients & students! I look forward to doing more powerful, amazing and transforming work with you! Lots of love and light, Charyl

A Zoom computer session is just as powerful! Don't let distance keep you from experiencing these powerful sessions.

AKASHIC RECORD READING & LIGHT LANGUAGE SESSIONS - The Akashic Records are a vibrational record of your soul's life journeys and experiences.  A Reading can help you explore the answers to your questions about your life's purpose, health, spiritual journey, relationships and more leading to greater understanding and healing. During the session we will include Light Language, an expression of the Divine in sound that is very clearing and healing.  

It is a deep and powerful combination! 

"I have wanted to deepen my spirtual practices but never knew how to do that. This reading and healing was very profound and so personalized that now I have a plan that I know I can follow!" MR, Westhampton Beach

"The Akashic Record readings are yet another amazing healing tool accessed by Charyl. She is clearly gifted at channeling these. Deep, deep healing can happen here on the soul level. My readings were life changing." KL, Water Mill

"Loved the reading, so, so helpful!" LG, Southampton   "Wow, profound!" AW, East Quogue

Upcoming Events: Contact me for more info and registration is required for all events please.

Crystal Singing Bowls & Light Language Transmission - Friday, 9/20, 7pm, $40.  Feel the healing vibrations and sounds of this powerful group experience with Susan LaSorsa and myself. Each person will also receive an individual transmission of Light Language unique for them! 


*AKASHIC RECORD READING SESSIONS with LIGHT LANGUAGE HEALING - Bring questions to the reading to see what your Soul's records have to share with you to support your life's journey and receive healing energy as well!  Experience the healing vibrations and energy sound healing of Light Language.

*REIKI - supports your body's ability to heal. Feel how nurturing, relaxing and peaceful it is through private sessions, healing circles and learn Reiki to use on yourself, family and friends. All levels of classes available.

*THE BREATHING CONNECTION - How do you breathe? Is it shallow or expansive? Would you like to identify and open your personal breathing pattern, clear old patterns and find more energy and peace? A private session is the way!

*EFT TAPPING & CERTIFICATION PROGRAM - Are you holding on to emotions and thoughts that hold you back?  EFT is a quick, easy and even fun way to release and gain a new perspective. Try a private session. Would you also like to incorporate this amazing technique in working with your clients? Ask about the Professional EFT Certification Program.

*MEDITATION - Would you like to find peace, be centered and live in balance? Learn to deepen your meditation leading to living with conscious awareness.

CHARYL has been working with these beautiful inner healing arts for over 20 years and it is her great joy to share them with you.  Contact her to explore and craft a personalized session of modalities that will bring you to your most wonderful state of being! Charyl is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Founder of Inner Healing Arts, The Breathing Connection, Akashic Record Reading and Light Language Healing Sessions and the Inner Healing Arts Professional EFT Certification program. She is also a Meditation teacher.

See Testimonials page to see more on how others experience Charyl's work.