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CHARYL OZKAYA welcomes you! What would you like to shift and transform? Feeling stuck, stressed, in pain? Let's see how you can move forward to feel balanced, peaceful and, yes, even joyful!

I always feel such gratitude sharing these beautiful healing modalities and classes with my wonderful clients & students! I look forward to helping you do more powerful, amazing and transforming work! Lots of love and light, Charyl

UPCOMING EVENTS - Registration required please

During these times we need to use all the tools we can to stay balanced and peaceful! These tools will clear what you have been holding, balance your energy and support your body's ability to heal.


Contact me below for more information on these upcoming events!

Suffolk County Libraries Breathe Together on zoom every Tuesday, 10am

Reiki All Level Classes ongoing.


Learning to Read the Akashic Records - an online program to learn how to enter the Akashic Records for self and others.

Let me know if you are interested and I will schedule the next Level one. "I loved your Akashic Records class! Thanks so much for being such a knowledgeable, patient and supportive teacher... and for creating a magical and welcoming zoom space for everyone to learn and connect. I'm definitely interested in signing up for the next class". LU, Hamptons


CHARYL has been working with these beautiful inner healing arts for over 25 years and it is her great joy to share them with you. Contact her to explore and craft a personalized session of modalities that will bring you to your most wonderful state of being! Charyl is a Reiki Master/Teacher, providing sessions and teaching all levels of classes, and offering The Breathing Connection, Akashic Record Reading and Light Language Sessions.


PRIVATE SESSIONS:  In person at her home office in Hampton Bays, NY or on Zoom. A Zoom session is just as powerful! Don't let distance keep you from experiencing your transformation!

AKASHIC RECORD READING & LIGHT LANGUAGE SESSIONS - The Akashic Records are a vibrational record of your soul's life journeys and experiences. This Spiritual Reading can help you explore the answers to questions about your life's purpose, health, spiritual journey, relationships and more leading to greater understanding and healing. Past Life information may come in if it is important for what we are working on. What do you want to explore in your Soul's records to support your life's journey with information, guidance and healing, aided by the vibrational frequencies of Light Language sound healing?  Light Language is an expression of the Divine in sound that aids in clearing old patterns and supports integration and healing. It is a deep and powerful combination!  ($180/ 1 hr session

Also 1/2 hour sessions available in Light Language or Akashic & Light Language for $100.)

"I have wanted to deepen my Spiritual practices but never knew how to do that. This reading and healing was very profound and so personalized that now I have a plan that I know I can follow!" MR, ​Westhampton Beach  "The Akashic Record readings are yet another amazing healing tool accessed by Charyl. She is clearly gifted at channeling these. Deep, deep healing can happen here on the soul level. My readings were life changing." KL, Water Mill "Loved the reading, so, so helpful!" LG, Southampton "Wow, profound!" AW, East Quogue

REIKI  - In Hampton Bays, NY office or Long Distance Reiki either on Zoom or you can relax in your home while I send Long Distance Reiki which is just as powerful!  Experience deep relaxation, healing support & balancing with a Reiki Session.  ($100/ 1 hr or $85/45min session in office; Long Distance $50/ 1/2 hr session)

EFT TAPPING - Easily lends itself to a zoom session.

Tapping is a quick, easy and very powerful way to shift our thinking, release emotions & stress and gain a new perspective. You will learn a tool that you can use anytime or any where to feel more relaxed and peaceful! ($125/ 1 hr session)

THE BREATHING CONNECTION -   Yes, we can even do a breathing session on Zoom!

Do you know that how you breathe reflects how you live your life? Is your breath shallow and constrained or deep and expansive?  Identify and clear old patterns, open and expand your breath and find more energy, peace and joy! A private session is the way. ($150/1 hr session) 

Any questions or to schedule a session,  reach out. I so look forward to sharing these powerful modalities with you! 


If any of these speak to you, let me know and we will schedule a class! I have been doing EFT, Akashic & Light Language, Reiki, Breathing and Ho'oponopono classes on Zoom! 

*LEARNING TO READ THE AKASHIC RECORDS LEVELS I & II AND CERTIFCATION PROGRAM - Imagine being able to access the Akashic Records anytime to receive guidance and healing and being able to share that with family and friends! This class will enable you to do just that. Included is a private Akashic Record reading to see what might get in the way and to clear that and to support you in reading the records. Reading the Akashic Records is a vibrational experience that has brought about profound change! (Via Zoom)

"Loved the Class. You are such a gifted teacher! Thank you. I did a personal reading for myself today and am excited to begin to practice & share with others." DE, Water Mill

I loved your Akashic Records class! Thanks so much for being such a knowledgeable, patient and supportive teacher... and for creating a magical and welcoming zoom space for everyone to learn and connect. I'm definitely interested in signing up for the next class. LU, Hamptons



Light Language is an expression of the Divine usually through sound as in toning, words, song or it can be signed with the hands or drawn. It can be angelic, galactic, elemental and more. I will do an individual Light Language transmission to activate and expand your ability to do Light Language. You will love being in the vibration of Light Language. Everyone has the potential to do this. No singing ability needed. Believe me, I know! We will explore and discover your own unique version of Light Language! (Via Zoom)

If you missed my Light Language Presentation on New Earth One Network here is the link.

The presentation is free and is an introduction to the Light Language Course I did for NEO. Recordings available.


How do you breathe? Explore the power of your own breath with this very experiential workshop. We will do a full breathing session to expand your breath, clear out tension and old patterns and connect to peace and joy! Learn this amazing tool to shift your emotions and energy very quickly. Leave feeling lighter and more centered! (Via Zoom and Outdoor Groups)


*REIKI - supports your body's ability to heal and brings profound relaxation and peace. Would you like to have that literally at your fingertips? Learn Reiki to use on yourself, family and friends. All levels of classes available from Reiki I through Reiki Master/Teacher. Click on Reiki tab for more information on classes.  "Thank you for the Class! You are an amazing teacher!" PC, Riverhead



When you think of a particular person or event do you find yourself off balance and stressed? Let's explore the concept of forgiveness to help you overcome that! It may not be what you think. I love the harmony and peace that comes from using this modern take on an ancient Hawaiian forgiveness technique, Ho'oponopono! You will find yourself with a tool that will bring you that harmony and peace you deserve. " This class was so helpful!" MS, Hampton Bays

*MEDITATION - Would you like to find peace, be centered and live in balance? Learn to deepen your meditation leading to living with conscious awareness.

See Testimonials page to see more on how others experience Charyl's work.

Give a call/text to see how we can work together at Office/Cell 516-532-7633 or fill out this contact form with your questions, to schedule an appointment or to be added to the email list to hear about future events and specials. I send out a few short Thank You guided meditations when you ask to join my email list. I look forward to sharing these powerful modalities with you! In light, Charyl

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