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Are you holding on to emotions and thoughts that hold you back? EFT is a quick, easy, and yes, even fun way to release all of that and to gain a new perspective on your problems!

A very profound way to learn and experience EFT is to have a one on one private session with Charyl. Check out others' heartfelt transformations with EFT on the "Testimonials" page. It is amazing how deep and effective these sessions can be. EFT can also be very powerful with a phone session. Read on for more information on this simple yet powerful technique and a "how-to" guide you can use right now. New Inner Healing Arts Professional EFT Certification Program is here! Start with an EFT Level I Module. Contact me for details.

"Wow, I am a believer in EFT. I feel so much more in my body - grounded and clear and less foggy. In meditation this a.m. I felt a deeper level of calm that is very, very rare." DC, Water Mill, NY

Wow, I already feel a big difference. My whole body feels much more relaxed. Thank you so much. I look forward to our second session when I come back.

- MN, Quogue


Energy Meridian Tapping

by Charyl Ozkaya

One of the most impressive techniques for personal and professional use to neutralize negative emotions is EFT, a form of Energy Meridian Tapping. EFT was founded by Gary Craig, a Stamford Engineer, and based on the Thought Field Therapy of Dr. Roger Callahan. 

The basic premise of EFT is that the cause of all negative emotion is a disruption of the body’s energy field. That is:

If you have a distressing thought, memory, image or experience…

That creates a “zzzzzzt” or disruption in the body’s energy system…

Which creates a negative emotion (guilt, fear, phobia, anger, grief, anxiety, etc.).

By neutralizing that “zzzzzzt” or disruption in the body’s energy system, you will neutralize the negative emotion. You will still have the memory, thought, etc. but it will not have the “emotional charge” for you that it once did.

By simply tapping near the end points of your energy meridians (the same meridians that are used by acupuncturists), while “tuning in” to the problem, you can experience some profound changes in your emotional and physical health. 

EFT has been used successfully with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), phobias, addictions, depression, relationships and even sports performance. Actually it can be used on anything! EFT can help you gain a clearer perspective and a new way of thinking.

It is a simple and easy technique to learn and use. It will even work if you have forgotten a point or if you are not sure of how to word the problem. If you are not having success, there may be an underlying emotional cause that you have yet to address. Keep experimenting.

A private session is the easiest and most effective way to learn EFT. It is amazing how powerful, deep and cleansing a one on one session of meridian tapping can be!



Tapping the “karate chop” point (KC) say:

Even though I feel so stressed_(or other phrase)

I completely and deeply accept myself. (3 times)

or you can also say:

Even though I feel so stressed_(or other phrase)

I completely and deeply accept, love and forgive myself. I'm doing the best that I can. (3 times)



Eye Brow (EB)

Side of the Eye (SE)

Under the Eye (UE)

Under the Nose (UN)

In the Chin (Ch) 

Then tap the face points:

Then the collarbone point (CB) and the underarm point (UA).

You can start over on the top of the head with the same key phrase for 2 or more rounds.

You can also tap on positive phrases and alternate negative and positive.

Sample phrasing:



From the setup phrase, pick key words that represent the problem. For example, “Even though I am so stressed, I completely and deeply accept myself.” The key phrase would be “so stressed”. At each place you tap, say the key phrase. 

The first place to tap is on top of the head.

“Even though I am so stressed, I choose to feel calm and peaceful.”

You could tap “so stressed” for 2-3 rounds, then you could alternate between the two phrases, “so stressed” and “I choose to feel calm” for 1 round, then you could tap “I choose to feel calm and peaceful” for 1 round.

These are suggestions. EFT seems to work even if you forget to tap a point or mix up the points or use different wording, so don’t get caught up in the technique. Have fun with it! 

Consider having a private session to truly experience the power of EFT and check out our "Testimonials" page to see what others have to say about Charyl and EFT's Transformative Results!



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