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Reiki is a beautiful, nurturing gentle energy that supports your body's own ability to heal. Private Reiki Sessions with Charyl are deeply nourishing and support healing. Check out Reiki Classes section below to learn how to become a Reiki Practitioner or Reiki Master/Teacher. For a deeper understanding of Reiki read on.

"Thank you for the Class! You are an amazing teacher!" PC, Riverhead

The Gentle Art of Healing


Universal life force energy is in every living thing. It is also all around us, in our food, water, and in the air we breathe. It is what helps us to be healthy and vibrant. Reiki is the focusing and transmission of this energy. A form of Reiki is said to have originated in Tibet thousands of years ago. The knowledge of this technique had been lost to modern man until the late 1800’s. At that time Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan, through much traveling and studying of various texts, sutras, and meditation, rediscovered the knowledge and use of Reiki energy. Many are familiar with the terms “ki,” “prana,” or “chi” through various martial arts and meditation techniques available to us today. The “ki” in Reiki refers to that vital life force energy. “Rei” is “universal spiritual intelligence.” Combining the two words creates “Reiki” – guided universal life force energy. Reiki was brought to the United States in the early 1900’s by Hawayo Takata, a woman of Japanese descent living in Hawaii.

Reiki has been known to speed the healing process and reduce stress and pain. It can help promote sleep and reduce the negative side effects of drugs. Reiki is received from a Reiki Master/Teacher or Practitioner who, through attunements and studying has learned how to amplify and transmit this nurturing life force energy.

There are several ways to experience Reiki. A Reiki Healing Circle is a great way to start. Although each circle is different according to the training and personality of the practitioner, there is usually a guided meditation to begin to relax and to start to go inward. Next you will be able to experience Reiki energy through a seated mini session usually lasting ten to fifteen minutes. The practitioner’s hands will be gently touching or just above the surface of the main energy centers of the body. Reiki helps to energize and balance these energy centers also known as chakras. The only thing the recipient needs to do is relax and be open to receiving the energy. It is good to not have arms or legs crossed to allow the energy to flow freely. It does not have to be “believed in” to work.

The first thing that most people feel when experiencing Reiki is heat. It is amazing how hot the practitioner’s hands can feel when the Reiki energy is flowing through. You may also feel coolness, tingling and movement of the energy. At first, you may not feel anything. That is fine, we know it is working. Although the practitioner transmits the Reiki energy, it is the recipient’s own body wisdom and energy field that draws the Reiki energy in, regulating how much energy is received and directing it to where it is most needed in the body. The practitioner may be working at the top of the head and the person may feel tingling or heat elsewhere in the body. Almost everyone feels a sense of relaxation and peace during a Reiki session. Many people have reported relief from pain, insights to problems and a profound sense of well being. The Healing Circle is ended with another short meditation and questions or sharing as needed. There may be a suggested donation for a Reiki Healing Circle.

Another way to experience Reiki is through a private session. The session usually lasts forty-five minutes to an hour and is generally on a massage table. Again the recipient is fully clothed and doesn’t have to do anything but receive. With the comfort of resting on a table and the length of the private session, there is an even greater opportunity for the Reiki energy to be effective. The fee for a private session varies with the practitioner and location.

The third way to experience Reiki is to learn to do it yourself by taking Reiki classes. Everyone has healing energy in his or her hands. Learning Reiki is learning to focus, amplify, and apply that life force energy. Many students have expressed gratitude that during an illness or traumatic experience of a loved one, or even themselves, when people usually feel helpless, they have had a quick, easy and powerful tool to use. When you give a Reiki treatment you are also receiving the nurturing energy as it is being transmitted through you to the person you are working on.

Anyone can receive and learn to do Reiki. Although it is spiritual in nature, Reiki is not a religion. It does not conflict with other belief systems. For a long time Reiki has been an oral tradition handed down through a lineage of Reiki Master/Teachers. Although there have recently been texts published on the subject, Reiki can still only be learned through the attunements and teachings of a Reiki Master/Teacher. There are several levels of studying ranging from Reiki I, which is used mainly for self care and for use on family and friends, to the top level of Reiki Master/Teacher.

Reiki is increasingly being used as a complement to many modern techniques. It has been used successfully with breath work, massage therapy and other bodywork modalities. It can now be found in some of our major hospitals. It is also being used at hospice facilities, where its profound relaxing qualities can be a great asset. As the body/mind connection continues to be embraced, the use of nurturing, gentle Reiki energy will have a more prominent place in the healing arts.


I love teaching Reiki classes. It is a joy to introduce students to the beauty of the Reiki energy! Reiki is learned in levels as time and practice is needed to be comfortable working with the amount of Reiki energy that comes through. Here is a list of the levels and information about the classes. Please contact me with any questions you may have. Everyone can learn Reiki. It is a wonderful tool to have for yourself and to share with others. When the student appears, I schedule a class, so let me know if you feel drawn to this amazing, loving and effective energy. When you have taken a class with me you can repeat that class with no charge; not that it is necessary for the energy, but some like to repeat the teaching.

Level I - This is the first step on your Reiki journey. You will be attuned to the vibration of the Reiki ray so that it easily flows thru you and you learn how to give a Reiki treatment to yourself and others seated and on a table. As much time for practice as needed is given. You will learn the history of Reiki and our Reiki lineage from Dr. Usui. The class is a total of 6-8 hours and may be broken down into 2-3 days.  A student manual, a private 1 hr Reiki session and Reiki I certificate is included. Fee is $200.

Level II - Continuing your Reiki journey. In this class you are attuned to more of the Reiki energy and learn symbols that increase the energy. Time is spent working with the increased energy and learning and practicing the Reiki symbols. There are symbols for energizing, mental and emotional clarity, long distance healing, karmic clearing and increasing love. Learn how to release energetic cords, empower other symbols, and use symbols to help us create the life we truly want! The class is a total of 7-9hours and may be broken down into 3-4 days. You receive a student's manual,1 hr Reiki session and a Reiki II certificate. The traditional fee is $350.

Advanced Practitioner - Going deeper in your Reiki practice you are attuned to more of the Reiki energy and learn new symbols for universal love, grounding to the earth and a beautiful and powerful symbol for compassionate healing. Receive more in depth information on the traditional Reiki symbols and alternative ways of drawing them and learn different ways to feel more empowered, retain more of your own energy, brain balancing and learn how to see things from the state of Miracle Consciousness. You receive a student's manual, 1 hr Reiki session and a Reiki Advanced Practitioner certificate. The traditional fee is $250. The class is a total of 6-8 hours and may be broken down into 2-3 days.

Reiki III Practitioner - Is for the student who wants 100% of the Reiki energy but is not interested at this time in becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher who teaches classes and initiates students. This class give you 100% of the Reiki energy. You also learn a new symbol for restoring balance and deep healing, learn a technique to increase your energy while giving Reiki and you will be led in a technique to open the third eye and increase your intuitive abilities. Also, you will learn a water ceremony to create energized, healing water to drink. You receive a student's manual,1 hr Reiki session and a Reiki III Practitioner certificate. The class is a total of 6-8 hours and may be broken down into 2-3 days. . The traditional fee is $350. This fee can be applied to the Master/Teacher program at a later date if you decide to continue your Reiki journey.

Reiki Master/Teacher - This is a comprehensive 5 day (may be broken down into 1/2 days as student's need are considered) course that leads to you becoming an amazing, confident and proficient Reiki Master/Teacher! We can move as slowly or quickly through the 5 days as the students want or need. It is usually one day a month for 5 months. Day 1 is similar to Reiki III Practitioner day above with the addition of learning the special breathing needed to do the initiations and starting to practice the first initiation. Days 2-4 are devoted to learning all of the initiations for all of the Reiki levels, all steps needed to hold all classes, leading guided meditations, how to lead Reiki Healing Circles, answering questions from prospective students, and learn and practice Planetary Healing symbols. Day 5 is to review or cover what is needed. You receive a binder with Teacher's Manuals for all levels, clean Student's manuals for all levels, tabs and dividers to stay organized and a cd or thumb drive with all of the material, as well as copies of blank certificates for all levels, and other material you will need. Part of the requirements is to sit in on a Reiki I, II and AP class to see the class from a master/teacher's perspective. It is my intention to help you become the best Reiki Master/Teacher you can be and I am always available after the course for any questions or help that is needed. You also have lifetime access to any of the Reiki level classes I offer to sit in on or retake if desired. You receive two 1 hr Private Reiki Sessions and a Reiki Master/Teacher certificate as well. The cost is $1500. Payment plans are available. If you took the Reiki III Practitioner class the $350 you paid is deducted from the fee. Please contact me with any questions. I look forward to sharing this Reiki journey with you! 

To learn and experience this beautiful energy see our "Home" page for information on Classes scheduled or let me know your interest in classes and we will schedule one! Check out the "Testimonials" page to see what others have to say about Charyl and Reiki. 

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