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On this page I share techniques that add to our Moments of Grace as we go through our lives. I trust they will help lead you to your own special moments of grace. Blessings, Charyl

AN ANGEL'S PERSPECTIVE - When you are dealing with feelings of low self worth (we all have these from time to time) imagine you are one of your angels looking down at yourself and seeing you from their angelic perspective. Feel the shift! We can all use a little angel love. 

WALKING MEDITATION - Give this a try to feel more grounded and to bring conscious awareness into your daily life. As you walk find yourself being aware of each step. Make a conscious effort to feel the ground beneath your feet, feeling how supported you are by the earth in this simple act of walking. Allow this feeling of support extend into all areas of your life. We are very supported in all that we do from the earth below to the heavens above. Just a reminder - don't take this too seriously, play with the process.

FOR NEGATIVE ENERGY - When you realize you have absorbed some negative energy and would like to shift it, there are two choices. The first is to ground the energy by simply imagining it streaming out the bottom of your feet into the earth and then bringing in light to fill any spaces that have been created by the release. Another is to just visualize the negative energy itself transforming into light. It is as if the negative energy that is dense and slow moving transforms into a higher, lighter vibration. Notice that each technique ends in a state of light! Either is simple, yet very effective, profound and possible.

FOR CONFUSION - Sometimes we are just so confused that we can’t find the clarity and decisiveness that we need. Try this: Go into a meditative state and focus on the confusion and problem, now visualize yourself slowly moving upward to the level of your Higher Self, see the confusion from that perspective. Does it look and feel different? Now move upward to the level of your Angels and Guides. How does it look now? Finally bring it up to the level of God or Source. Feels different, doesn't it? You are not alone!

EASIER MEDITATION - Have you ever sat down to meditate and someone or some problem keeps popping into your head distracting you? Try this. Visualize yourself inviting them or the problem to sit down next to you and to join you in the meditation. Doing this takes you out of the state of irritation and into acceptance and the present moment. You may find that your meditation is much easier.

CLAIMING A ROOM - This is a great exercise to empower you when you enter a space. I sometimes use this when I am doing a workshop or giving a lecture outside of my office or whenever I want to feel grounded and "in charge" of a space. Focusing on the four corners in the ceiling, imagine that you are drawing energy lines from the corners into the center of the room, then focusing on the four corners of the floor, imagine you are drawing energy lines from those corners up into the center of the room, meeting and connecting with the energy lines from the ceiling. From that center point drop an energy line down into the earth grounding the space. Visualize and feel that you have grounded and claimed the space as your own. Thank you, Susan Feinbloom, for this technique.

GROUNDING - This is a quick and easy way to feel more present in the moment - technique courtesy of Samantha Nohs Paitakis - Sit in a chair and place your hands palms down firmly on your knees. You will immediately feel yourself grounding. I found this an amazingly powerful, yet simple, technique. May you find many moments of Grace in your day.

THE WHITE ROSE - Have you ever felt as if you were being bombarded by someone’s energy? Maybe they are excited or angry as they are speaking to you and it just feels as if you are being hit with the full force of their energy. They may not even be aware that they are doing this, but you feel it. My gratitude goes to Susan Feinbloom for the following tool which is simple and easy to use, but so effective. Imagine that there is a large rose between you and the other person. I like to use a white rose but you can use any color that appeals. Then imagine a grounding cord from the rose into the middle of mother earth.This rose will absorb the impact of the energy that is directed to you and ground it into the earth. I find when I do this I can stay open, present and loving and hear what the person is saying without feeling the intensity of their energy. I’d like to hear how this works for you.

TAKE A BREATH - Stop! Feel yourself supported by whatever it is you are sitting on or the ground beneath your feet, feel yourself supported by your relationships to family, friends and to your Source. Now, take a deeeep breath, take it deep down into your body and feel the energy that comes in with it. Feel the support of your own breath. Feel blessed and continue your day.

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