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Client Testimonials

What others have to say about Charyl

and Inner Healing Arts

The Akashic Record readings are yet another amazing healing tool accessed by Charyl. She is clearly gifted at channeling these. Deep, deep healing can happen here on the soul level. My readings were life changing. The Light Language was amazing! KL, Water Mill

Thank you for an amazing meditation and healing today. It was exactly what I needed. I feel as if I've been reconnected. Thank you. Keep spreading the light. ES, Remsenburg

Charyl helped me identify the core issue that was causing me much pain and stress. She then used EFT (tapping) and then a reading of Akashic Records for healing. The combo of these methods, which Charyl employs intuitively, helped me understand my stress and to begin healing. The great part was that she gave me methods which I could continue using at home to stay centered in the healing process. Her presence radiates love and unconditional acceptance. CD, Arlington, VA

"Wow, I am a believer in EFT. I feel so much more in my body - grounded and clear and less foggy. In meditation this am I felt a deeper level of calm that is very, very rare." DC, Water Mill, NY

"I just had a Breathing and Reiki session with Charyl! What a transformative, beautiful experience! Charyl always helps me to feel comfortable and is so amazing at what she does. Thank you!!" LM, East Moriches

Wow, I already feel a big difference. My whole body feels much more relaxed.

Thank you so much for the EFT Session.. I look forward to our second session when I come back.

- MN, Quogue

"The Breathing Connection has changed my life!" JC, Westhampton

"Charyl has presented several wonderful programs introducing our patrons to --and stressing the importance of --breathing at the Rogers Memorial Library. She is a masterful presenter (and breather!), and we are richer from our exposure to her wisdom, clarity and vision." Penny W., Director of Adult Programs

Charyl is a true healer. She emanates healing in her voice, her touch and especially her presence. Just recently, I was having a painful physical symptom and decided to have an EFT (tapping) session by phone with her. What a surprise! Although I had called about a physical symptom, this phone session brought out emotions which connected me even more deeply to the place in my heart that is my true home. I realized that this place inside me is always there waiting for my attention! What a beautiful insight and support in my life. A few hours after the session my physical discomfort disappeared and has not returned. I'm grateful to have such a soul as Charyl in my life. Camille Danzi, B.A., MTH., Reiki Practitioner, Interfaith Minister, Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

Charyl's offers both EFT and Reiki and I find that the combination is a powerful way to release stress, clear out old issues and shift into a positive frame of mind. I always return home with a profound sense of peace and well being. Charyl's joyful, loving energy and gentle tuning in to what is needed for the individual as well as the group creates a safe, loving atmosphere in which to experience healing change. Her guided meditations are beautifully creative and inspired and act as a perfect bridge between the EFT and Reiki. I have followed up with some private EFT sessions and have found that Charyl is attuned, intuitive and compassionate as she guides you through finding and releasing whatever negative energies may be causing distress. I could go on and on, but the best thing is to try it for yourself! Linda M., artist

"Attending Reiki healing circles and group EFT with Charyl has been a wonderful, supportive experience. I value her dedication, focus, creativity and open heartedness as a group leader and healer " Yvette N. Brennan Healing Sciences Practitioner

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend my good friend and colleague Charyl Ozkaya. During the past 15 years Charyl has taken many roles in my life. She has introduced me to and taught me healing modalities that have become an important part of my work with my clients. I personally know and have experienced her gifts of healing and teaching in the areas of EFT, Breathwork, Meditation, Reiki and Karuna Reiki. She serves the community of both healers and clients with impeccable standards, kindness and wisdom. Charyl is a gentle spirit upon this planet. Those who find her have found a gemstone! Sincerely, Patty Alessi, Tranquil Source Reiki 

Charyl Ozkaya is the real deal - every inch and ounce of her being and her heart and soul are filled with compassion, kindness and warmth. Using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), she has helped me with so many concrete issues such as working with a difficult boss, weight and sugar addiction, and my insatiable appetite for shopping - basically never having enough. The core issues and "aspects" that came up for me with her perceptiveness and ability to connect with me have been profoundly life-altering and, without equivocation, all for the better. Amy, Montauk, NY

"Charyl has a kind heart and spirit. Her healing energy radiates from her and on to those who look to her for guidance." Kelly Bookamer

"Charyl & her "space", from our very first encounter, has been welcoming & soothing. She has provided me with comfort, knowledge, laughter, peace, tranquility & an overall positive sense of well-being & enlightenment throughout my body, be it physical, spiritual &/or emotional. Her soft-spoken, kind, caring voice & being has been an incredible new journey to healing. She is simply a unique individual & I am completely blessed to have her in my community & experience her wonderful works in my life personally. Thank-you for being you, forever grateful," Denise E., Teacher

"Charyl Ozkaya has been a key influence in my spiritual life. After our first breathing session together, I was healed and felt whole. Charyl has a pure and loving heart. She embodies Reiki energy."

Jacqueline Moss, teacher, poet

"I discovered Charyl in 2000, through the breathing and Reiki circle she organized in Westhampton. Ever since then I have been hooked to her gentle and loving soul, always receiving her healing like a soft angel touch. Charyl opened me to the soft and generous healer part of me. It is this part who as a practitioner always remembers how she gives Reiki and EFT ( I have received my 2nd Degree Reiki and EFT training through Charyl) when I myself give healings to my clients. Charyl has been my guide to many energetic tools. Her gentle guidance and friendship over the years has been my lantern and light in the path of the healing arts. I am forever grateful and have been recommending her to all my friends and contacts! Charyl, for me, represents the true guide, teacher and healer. Her unconditional loving and generous heart and soul are such an inspiration to our community of healers! "

Salima Luna Ghazzal Raoui, Artist, Reiki, EFT, and Art Journaling Practitioner

"Charyl has been more than generous in sharing her passion and skillful means for the healing arts. I have been transformed by the breathwork and I am grateful to her for being so light hearted in the face of the challenges that are asked to be conjured and healed thru the many methods she practices. Her continued work to support other practitioners' work and hence supporting our community with great opportunities for learning and growing, is another proving of her big hearted generosity. Charyl is a very precious Jewel."

Rachel Rudansky, LMT, Certified Rolfer®, Certified Craniosacral Therapist

I sometimes say EFT saved my life! I can't thank you enough for your kindness in teaching us this fabulous tool for a peaceful mind... Charyl you have a special lucky we are to have you to help us with our challenges. Carole M.

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