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"My pain is 90% gone. I am still feeling the effects a week later" VD, Riverhead

"I feel more integrated. I felt very held!" SC, Water Mill

"It was an affirming, uplifting and connecting experience!" DB, East Moriches

Thank you so much for today, still processing...I came home and took a nap like no other.

I found it so fascinating and helpful. Thanks again. LH

Do you have life and personal questions that you would like to explore? 

Do you wonder how you can improve your relationship? 

What do you need to learn about your health issues? 

What can you do right now to find peace, forgiveness and healing? 

An Akashic Record Reading can help you explore the answers to all of this and more, leading to greater understanding and healing.

The Akashic Records are a vibrational record of your soul's life journeys and experiences. 

Through a special invocation we enter the records and with the help of the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones of the Records, receive information, clarification and guidance.  

 At some point in the session we will use Light Language, an expression of the Divine through sound to clear and heal. It is a very powerful sound healing, individualized just for you!

A Zoom computer session is just as powerful! Don't let distance keep you from experiencing this powerful session.

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